Maggie Dunlap is the 14-year-old daughter of artists Linda Burgess and William Dunlap. At the age of 10, she illustrated the award winning children’s book, The Four Dog Blues Band, (or How Chester, Boy, Dog in the Fog and Diva Took the Big City by Storm) published by the Mississippi Museum of Art which teaches children about art while featuring work from their permanent collection.

She draws incessantly, has three book projects in development and two major art exhibitions scheduled for the fall of 2008. Maggie has a passion for musical theater and continues to work with the Grove Players, a performing ensemble in the Miami area, as well as with Bach to Rock in Virginia, where she sings lead with a rock band.

She attends Longfellow Middle School in McLean, Virginia and South Miami Middle School where she is in the Theater Arts Magnet Program. 

She comes to Mississippi with her family as often as possible.