My photo-based work investigates our human process of coping with physical and emotional trauma– physical wounds often acting as metaphors for emotional ones. Nature and natural forms play a vital role in my work, as I both parallel our healing methods with those of the natural world and explore the curative power of the natural environment.

I am fascinated with a plant’s ability to regenerate. The pruning of a plant– literally the severing of its limbs– is beneficial to its development and is the site of new growth. The mantra, “what does not kill me makes me stronger”, holds true for us humans as well. For us, these places of injury can become sources of power.

The natural environment plays a role as a medicament as well. The beauty of nature functions as a root of strength, resurrecting the spirit. The existence of beauty is tenuous. The existence of the fragile natural world is a testament to its resiliency and power.

I enjoy the puzzle of creating relationships between seemingly disparate elements. Through multiples or installation, by pairing photographs with audio, sculptural objects or adding mixed media, conversations emerge between components, changing or amplifying the meanings of singular parts. --Schwab 2010