Mark Willems is known for his extraordinarily sensitive and fluid drawings and paintings of the figure.  His passion for his work flows through every powerful stroke. Described as lyrical, mesmerizing and elegant, his masterful use of line expresses movement and strong emotional content.  Mark Willems' work is instantly recognizable in the contemporary figurative world.



My driving inspiration is the human form and I deeply believe that nothing is more beautiful. Capturing the dynamic nature of the human figure in motion or at rest is my goal. The absolute essence of each subject, female or male, is what I strive to capture and make visible by stripping away all extraneous detail.  Working with a goal similar to that of a sculptor who seeks with each chiseling stroke to release a form from a block of marble, I work to create form with every stroke of my brush.

Most often, my work represents a single figure that exists apart and unto itself, therefore becoming the total focus of our perception. Ultimately my art represents an association of content and form where beauty in the realm of the created object exists in sympathy with another beauty--beauty in the realm of the perceived object.                                                                                                                          

          -MARK WILLEMS 2008