About the Artist

Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Josephine Cardin is a fine arts photographer who grew up in South Florida, and is now living and working in Rochester, NY.

Presently, Cardin has been developing her contemporary figurative work, inspired by music, dance, and the human themes of loneliness, isolation, fear, and transformation. Cardin works primarily in self-portraiture to illustrate scenes that bewitch and explore our human sensibilities through abstract stories with a visual dialogue between the subject and the artist created through harmonic gestures and magnetic artistry.

Cardin's work has been published in Hi-Fructose, InPrint, Digital Camera, Photo+, BLUR, Elegant, Adore Chroma, The Spoiler’s Hand, Lucy’s, beau BU, F-Stop, Dark Beauty, and Dance Magazines; Playbill, and the book Meet The Dancers.  She has exhibited with the Menier Gallery in London, ArtMeet Gallery in Milan, Spectrum Gallery in Rochester, NY, The Professional Woman Photographers, and The Boca Raton Museum of Art Juried Exhibition. Most recently Cardin was honored with a first place award by the Prix de La Photographie (PX3) for Between Lock and Key; has received honorable mentions for the 2014 and 2015 Julia Margaret Cameron Awards; was selected as a finalist for the Photographer’s Forum Magazine’s The Best of Photography 2014; and was also a finalist for the PhotoNola/International House Mary Magdalene Exhibit in New Orleans 2013. She has done work for the Boston Ballet, Rochester City Ballet, Arts Ballet Theater, and The Broward Center for the Performing Arts; as well as work for corporate clients. Additionally she earned an artistic grant from the state of Florida, prior to her move to Boston.

Always an artist in some capacity, Cardin started out as a ballet dancer, then earning her B.A. in Art History from Florida Atlantic University, followed by an M.A. in Communications from Lynn University. She went on to hold several professional jobs in the arts, while continuing to produce personal and professional photography projects as a freelancer.  In 2010 Cardin focused on pursuing her fine arts career full-time. 


About the Work

Between Lock and Key


Between Lock and Key is a self-portraiture series exploring the dichotomy of how we have both the ability to mentally imprison ourselves, while simultaneously holding the key to unlocking our freedom. This project is also part of an ongoing experimentation combining traditional art and digital photography. Cardin uses traditional mediums such as pen, ink, and chalk to create designs that are then layered into the digital image with the use of Photoshop.  The series was a first place winner in the Fine Art Professional – Digitally Enhanced category of the Prix de la Photographie (PX3) awards.



Portraits of People: Shed My Skin


Portraits of People is an ongoing series capturing that essence of who we are as human beings. Comprised of images and an interview, subjects are photographed, then asked a series of life related questions. The series aims to not just discover one another, but more so, to show the connection that exist between all of us as it relates to those shared human experiences and emotions. Regardless of backgrounds, religion, politics, values and beliefs, we all can relate to this experience called life. In Shed My Skin, Portraits of People goes further in examining self-image and identity. Subjects are photographed in the nude behind frosted plexi glass, symbolizing the veil we hide behind in our everyday, and which limits us from sharing our authentic selves with others.