Time Management--August 2009

Reflection on the theme Time Management revealed imagery and concepts both universal and personal.  My picture-making process is organic as I collect poses and discover connections.  This particular series serves an experiment in efficient studio practices.   Applying a systematic strategy, honing in on my objective with focus on the relationships between gesture, context and content, my decisions are swift and more fluid.  I attempt to recognize the funny, absurd and familiar - all this is the foundation of my imagery.  These paintings explore the blurred boundaries between work and play.

My work examines tension, both spatial and figurative, which enables me to contrast subtle mark making with more energetic, blatant gestural strokes.  This particular style and attitude evolved through experimentation with underpaintings.  My boards are made with layers of wood, paper and gesso, a porous and slick surface that responds to drawing and monotype techniques.  A process of building and destroying the form provokes me to note both visual and non-visual (haptic) cues from the figures.  Maintaining the initial impulse - the quick gesture - throughout the drawing process is my ultimate aim. 

-Rose Thome Casterline 2009


Defying Gravity-- May 2007

Escape from the minutia (or gravity) of everyday life is an underlying theme in my work.  On a good day, art making transcends the academic and the predictable, eliciting truth in form and idea.  I have incorporated chance as a mode of picture making.  Using this technique, the original subjects assert themselves, and the narrative evolves from their gestures.  I respond to rather than direct the figures.   To capture what I hope is the essence and physicality of my archetypal characters, I rely on both visual and haptic cues.  I attempt to recognize the funny, the absurd, and the familiar; all of this is the foundation of my imagery.  My studio process of building and destroying mark making helps me maintain the essence of the initial impulse, the human gesture. 

-Rose Thome Casterline 2007

Pedestrian Rites--2005

Blah Blah Blah--January 2002