Saskia Eubanks works with various approaches associated with American Realist theory and technique.  Her paintings often refer to a historical visual language reaching back to their first documentation in the Iconologia, which inspired figurative painters and sculptors from ancient Greece onward. She infuses this classical language of imagery with contemporary issues and ideas rooted in her own translation of the experience of seeing.

Saskia is represented by galleries in Philadelphia, Boston, and New Orleans, where she retains regular exhibition schedules.

Saskia was born and raised In New Orleans, Louisiana to a family of artists on one side and collectors on the other. Her formal artistic training took place at the first American Museum School, The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, where she completed the historic four year Academy studio  program in the traditional disciplines of drawing, painting, sculpture and printmaking. She received the highest honor given by the Academy, the Cresson European Traveling Scholarship for study abroad. Upon returning from her travels, she was accepted into the Academy's graduate program and earned an M.F.A.   After graduation, she moved back to New Orleans where she developed and taught seven  foundations level drawing and painting courses for the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts. She spent a total of five years at the New Orleans Academy, the last two years of which she had the  responsibilities of Creative Director. Saskia also writes about contemporary realist painting, and has published a number of articles in research for her book on the same subject. In addition, her background includes training as an apprentice in art  conservation of oil paintings and antique frames, and work in Museum Education. She has also taught as a visiting artist by invitation of the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, and part time at Loyola University  in New Orleans . She recently moved to the Boston area,  and is preparing for her next solo show in October.